Project to develop small, mobile factory to remove marine plastic waste

By using a three-stage process, microbes are being screened in the project of PlastBug.

A mini, mobile factory which contains plastic-eating microbes will be developed by The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Espoo; to remove plastic waste from oceans.  

The project “PlastBug” aims to develop a factory that is container based which can be placed in a ship or on a beach. Its energy will be solar and wind power. Researchers of PlastBug have been examining microbes that can degrade plastics as PET,PS, PE or PP and methods for pre-treating the plastics have been developed.

The PlastBug team was awarded second place in the Meriroska (Marine Litter) Challenge On 25 August 2018 that was organized by the Finnish Environment Institute.

Post time: Aug-26-2018
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